High-tech design & business

High tech and research
Digital printing and press
Design & colors control
Video & sound

We handle theses associatively, focusing on solution which interleaving competences.
Our areas of preferences contain at least a few big obstacles to overcome!

Market analysis, associated branding, etc ..
These could be important parts of your business, which we can take care of as we understand them very well.

Financial & business consulting
An important part of our offer, allied with all others competencies, we will find you path to heaven, from a startup to specific projects inside large corporation.

Software & Hardware

For software, silicon and pcb design, computer hardware,
C++ Java, Javascript, PHP, C#,Assembly, HTML, etc ...

Design, developpement and production ;

printing process, quality issue, color handling,

video/audio encoding & streaming, process optimization, internetworking, etc ...

but also in civil nuclear technologies, geological, energy recycling.

Data processing center

From hosting to complete concept, we can process your data. Taking care of all your needs leaving you focused on business.


We are also capable of equiping ourselves to do your production.
We like to do so when we envision that or internal methods our own tools and innovation would allow the most cost efficient production.

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