Stock Exchange, IPO, private investment analysis

A very fast growing sector for us; Stock market analysis.
Our technical competencies allied to our financial and stock market knowledge, (some of us did their own IPO), give us the unique capacities to evaluate the quality of the so-called "techno golden nuggets", part of the currently blooming stock exchange.
It's more than ever a mandatory requirement for everybody to properly asses those opportunities.

And more to come ...

A creative way to become customer.

We are very creative and innovative on the way to help you pay, in the best conditions, the most affordable amount.
But also regular hourly rate, flat fee, weekly or monthly rate exist
. when working on complex project, as we offer the best price/performance ratio.

We also are very open to participation in the outcome of a project,
either as a shareholder or by being paid on the returns you will get. An other proof that we involve ourselves to give you the best we can.

Wholy owned project:

In some cases, we finance and setup projects on our own.
Our current projects evolve in two directions,
Internet: 2 projects we drive and finance ourself, Transmanager and Bouncit,
Wirlwood, a project to use wind for home energy saving


Software & Hardware design, market opportunities, international strategies and partnership, stock exchange analysis on NASDAQ, TSX, private investment conselling

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