«TransMage» Project & Job management

Now 2 mode; both using the powerfull group collaborative document sharing system
Transfiler mode a.k.a. Classic:
simple every member access every job

Transmanager mode a.k.a. Managed:
For powerfull print job oriented management.

    access to TransManager
«Transmage» Hyperzoom available from Bouncit.
The very powerfull «Hyperzoom», ultra high res web document zooming system now set in TransManager product. True WYSIWYG over the web, and still NO hassle dowloading client side applications!
And more to come ...
More, More More...
More customers, New business, More associates

Hurricode continue to increase the number of associates.
Thanks to new competencies we are now able to cover new technolgies in the "green" energies sector and in the civil Nuclear power plant sector.
We have been commissioned to evaluate new researchs in quantum physic to allowing usage of very low to non-enriched nuclear combustibles
a.k.a «TransMage», designed by Hurricode for exclusive use.
Pre-press & pre-printing but trough Internet.
No client applications, need to be available from any browser
Faster using world wide scale load balacing.
Features going beyond classical limits to get less accustomed customers.
The processing heart of Transmage is also a very powerful conversion services available for OEM use (like Transmage) or for anybody able to access a browser. A free service from Bouncit Inc
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