The HQ and the place where most of our design is done. We benefit from the uniqness of this place for cost efficency, developpements, international trade, multilingual capability and all the fashion and design this city is able to host and provide.
We have many associates there, their competences is really plural and covering the whole scope of our services.
We have just welcomed an new associate,a consulting compagny in Seoul Corea, so if Pacific rim is an area of opportunities for you, just call us.
We have representatives in Canada: Montreal, Corea: Seoul, France: Paris, France: Toulouse, Spain: Barcelona, Swiss: Lausanne, US: Boston, US: NewYork,
But the fastest an best way to start business with us is a simple email or a message in the box below
Immediat needs or futur tought ? You have an idea ? You need to stay focus on your core business ? You don't know who will understand your request ? just try us.
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