Your confidentiality

We give utmost respect to our customer valuable info, and to make this well uderstood we recommed that you read our statemenet next.

Our confidential information

Hurricode use unique methods or process, some of them could already be shared with Hurricodes under confidential agreement, it is then understandable that we may need to modify our works or deliver you products done trough a developpement process as well as final product compatible with theses constraints. We will share with you our view on the best opportunities for you to do few special agreement to allow a more efficient cost effective solution.

Personal informations

We will never disclose your personal information and we will never sale or share it with third parties.

Sharing of information to a third party

All information that you share with us will never be shared to a third party without prior consent from you. But this will always be done in accordance with the applicable laws.


In order to improve our services we may use all information we gather globally for statical studies as well as for checking the quality of our service, this will be done in respect of the other article mentionned here

Responsabilities & Liabilites

Unless mentionned otherwise and agreed mutually, Hurricode can't be held responsible of any dammage direct or indirect arised from any use of it's opinion, advice, product or services.


for any additional questions or concerns ,please feel free to send us a request
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