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Our Mission

Our mission is to help build your Technology Assets, making it easier and more cost effective than developing certain cutting edge solutions from scratch. We strive to help you significantly accelerate R&D cycles and go to market.

Our Involvment and Action

We innovate for you, develop for you, identify partners and work out the deals to get you there fast, with laser focus on building strong intellectual property and long term barriers-to-entry. We then help you implement solutions operationally.

Our deep technology know-how

We are able to build our offer thanks to years of innovation and developments. We are holders of multiple patents in a variety of fields, that can serve as a foundation for our collaboration.

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Submit an idea or a problem and we will rapidly propose innovative solutions.

We have expertise in designing and completing projects following the highest standards.

You have a key business requirement or a nascent project. We'll help you build the IP, structure the core developments and productisation all the way to final delivery. We offer highly flexible cooperation agreements to suit your business and financing needs.


Working with us is really simple

1/  You come up with both the idea and the financing
2/  You come up with the idea, we assist in providing the financing
3/  We jointly build the product in partnership based on your needs.

We offer highly efficient models to approach business and value creation. This has never been easier and more cost effective.

The key reasons for the rapid and long term impact of our involvment.


We have a technology pool readily available

Decades of R&D work and patent deposits provide us with a powerful pool of assets. We can pick and choose from all or parts of this to include in context of working with your teams to develop solutions. Few corporations realise that some of the acute processing problems that they face today can be solved with amazing precision and efficiency thanks to ready technology. This can be implemented simply and efficiently into new products and services.

We innovate for your success

We strive to remain at the forefront of innovation, building on our patented technology leadership. Our outsource service methods help our customers “create more value” using well proven approaches. They rapidly become faster and better at what they do, leading to better time to market, major boosts to their product and service designs and ultimately their business strategies.

We work with multi-competence teams

Hurricodes operates under the partnership and associate schemes, widely used in major law firms and project based service providers. Based on a hub of centralised management and administration, the associate scheme offers flexible ways to bring in the right competency at the right time. Knowledge is efficiently shared between highly skilled and experienced people to accelerate design, development and implementation.

Cross pollinisation is in our DNA

Part of what makes us unique is the plural nature of the competences of our associates team. This is a key driver of innovation and cost effectiveness and widens the scope of work we can encompass. It allows us to find innovative solutions across an array of technologies to generate new solutions uniquely tailored to customer's specific requirements. When necessary we also find cherry picked third party companies to supplement potential extra needs.

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