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All patents outlined below are registered with the US Patents and Trademarks Office.

Protection | Authentication | Anti-counterfeit

Goods Authentication Solutions

(Anti counterfeit)

Methods exist that affix an extra label that contains a signing said non reproducible material, in form of an hologram or of grains of certain colors response (like StealkMark) some other are using way bubble can be created heating up a polymer both create on purpose or randomly a chaotic pattern. But natural chaos of matter already contains a natural chaos in most of the product categories that need authentication. It is the fundamental behind human fingerprint. However all chaotic approach existing so far to protect good rely on affixing a controlled material, of a certain aspect or to focus on some hard surface that allows a simpler signature when looked at trough a magnifying lens, which in fact require not only to add this lens to the capturing device but require user to also know where to check the signature part of the goods.

[0009] The problem to solve is related to the capture of the natural chaos and the difficulties there is to generalize the process when the end user is either not expecting to see any addition of material (Art, luxury) or increase in cost (Drug manufacturing). So a method that allow to use natural chaos and also allow to aggregate analysis out of various area hard of soft (flexible) and only using phot quality grad images out of a smartphone would allow even consumer to authentify goods.
[0010] This user guided experience allow powerful but slow algorithm to be used which in turn allow guided progressive elimination/decimation of suspicion which enable vision based system for this purpose.
File No. P2884US00

[0011] To exemplify the problem, it can be said that a generalized human fingerprint authentication without simultaneous identification require first to know who to search for fingerprints even face authentication system require additional constraint like in the face detection system described in patent US7369685 which need first a precise positioning of the face and use a scrutation method which implied issue if implemented as a identification method. So a first approach would be to use some other biometric approach that allow massive elimination then apply the authentication.

Computervision and Image recognition

Patente Luxelock

Multi-Stage Assisted Image Recognition Solutions

(Luxury Goods Authentication)

Chaotic principle:

Analysis by comparison of key feature of some of the naturally chaotic appearance of some product of nature; wood, pumice, marble, leather, fiber paper, fabric, Cork, steel, powder, fingerprint digital footprint venous, line brushes) the principle is to use of natural hazard is millennial. Chinese and Japanese seal inkan mix the concept of the oneness of a naturally chaotic structure generally defined by a stone, reinforced by a sculpture made by hand. However, if the seal is stolen the manufacturing of true false will continue until it is universally known that the seal is no longer valid.

The principle of centralization storage of a proxy that certify the thing to protect is an old idea, the notarial deed.
Chaotic methods require a comparison with a reference. The question then becomes posed as the difficulty there could be to reproduce the chaos.

Fingerprint: possible.
DNA: impossible to this day,
Pumice, leather: impossible to date.

Identification & Authentication

It is the search by Visual similarity with little or no additional information. A difficult art due the difficulty to pr-sort a huge amount of images. The stress placed on the algorithms is very strong, even almost impossible to hold as is.
It is the certification of a claim. Having a precise indication of what is look for, is a huge advantage. It became just and "simply" a check of coincidence between images. Practically a serial number can be part of the image has analysis and recognition of characters (OCR) reads the number to guide certification carry out of the claim and its chaotic signatures.

Computervision and Image recognition ("Tight recognition" )


Anti Text Tampering Solutions

(Anti Copying and Anti-Forgery)

Hurricodes designed a system for securing a text content against copying and tampering. The system introduces a reversible change within the instructions contained in the electronic page description language defining the text. In a non-limiting example, the reversible change may include replacing the font used in the PDL by a customized font defining a set of changes that differentiate the customized font from the standard fonts. The system may then generate a set of instructions configured to reverse the set of changes to display the proper text to the user. However, should any tampering or illegal copying of the text occur, the original text will not be displayed because a portion of the reversible change would not be present. The reversible changes introduced may affect character sizes, colors, spacing, positions, mapping etc.


Printing and Publishing: Authentication and Security

Patente Obfuscation WO2016044946A1

Smart Cities | Advanced UI Technologies


Smart City Solutions

(Energy Saving and Security)

Street lighting can benefit from intelligent vision based on the tracking of by passers, to enhance security and save energy.

This can be done using various pedestrian detection, but the areas of lighting are frequently of a wide angle, then a camera have similarly a requirement to be of a wider angle in order to anticipate pedestrian and do advance lighting.


Keyboard "in the Air"

(Advanced UI's)

Man machine interaction in particular for consumer markert can greatlly benefit from solution that allow text input without any device in hand. Hence the leyboard in the air solution that allows texte input especially usefull when navigating in front of Movie networked search engine.

The solution allow a user to interface with a machine/computer using an image capturing device (e.g. 2D camera) instead of conventional physical interfaces e.g. keyboard, mouse. The system allows the user to interface from any physical and non-physical location within the POV of the image capturing device at a distance that is determined by the resolution of the camera. Using images of the hand, the system detects a change of hand states. If the new state is a known state that represents a hit state, the system would map the change of state to a key hit in a row and column of the keyboard and sends the function associated with that key for execution. In an embodiment, the system determines the row based on the rotation of the wrist.



Image Patentes US9305229B2

Information Embedding & Tracking | Computer Vision | Documents

Information Embedding & Tracking


The common denominator of all publishing software is the document content itself.
Therefore, the text and the way it is written are by essence the most respected components of a document.
Accordingly, the present embodiments incorporate a mark as a graphical element of the document or media in the text, the mark embedding a message in the glyph thereof.
In an embodiment, the message is invisible on the screen as well as when printed on a medium (paper or otherwise).

Even is some Meta-Information standard exist, JDF, XMP, DCM,and initiative to encourage its use, software vendors, service companies,This leads to the creation of many redundant schema of Meta information without real bridge between them.
Also, Meta information embedded in the document are prone to many alteration change and deterioration, either because one of the processes.Therefore, the Iife expectancy of Meta information is practically very
short and they are frequently removed by processing software, either purposely or because they are unknown, or considered as unreliable or inappropriate.

One of the areas that require internai tracking of documents within publications is the publishing and advertisement industry where every publication is usually made of several pieces of communication coming fram various sources such as articles, ads, photos etc. The authors or sponsors of these articles/ads need to know how their pieces of communication are being handled.
By extension this allow to track invisible imbeded information within the Page Description Langage, (PDF or HTML5)Patented

Printing and Publishing

Patente Tracking CA2753508C HOR

PDF Based Vector Conversion

(Rendering Safety and Data Compression)

In the image processing art such as applied in the printing industry, raster descriptions are safer for preserving image fidelity whereas vector descriptions (lines, texts,etc ..) are more flexible e.g. for image manipulations. The possibly best compromise may be to start with a raster description of an image and then to provide a vector description of the image using a contour tracking or edge detection process. However, opting for this strategy involves to deal with two rather incompatible constraints. A good quality of contour tracking requires a very high raster resolution e.g. 2400 dpi. A good product must be fast and require little resources to be efficient. Hurricodes designed an original highs speed and AI driven vector shaped converter directly handle compressed data in compressed format hence a highe increase in performance and better memory consumption.


Printing and Publishing


Patente Raster US20060002614A1

Digital Printing Process Enhancement


Hurricodes designed a system doing color modifications of an image in electronic form for printing, in the same color space P components without auxiliary space without creating discontinuity.

The graphic arts industry is facing chroma problems. It is often necessary to change a given image in an electronic format for printing.
There are, at least in theory, an image signal processing method in electronic form using a conversion table. According to this method, at each point in the color space is associated with a corrected point.
This requires considerable memory capacity.
Using an orginal methods of digital space hashing and interpolation the Hurricodes remedy this drawbacks and proposes to create a chromatic modification method of electronically image for converting the image to reflect the technical requirements or aesthetic choices while offering the advantage of respecting the locality and regularity and without leaving the original color space.


Printing and Publishing

Patente Chroma FR2764415A1