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Our broad technical competencies combined with deep knowledge of finance and stock markets give us the unique ability to evaluate the quality of the so-called "Techno Golden Nuggets". It is more than ever a requirement to properly assess opportunities and include them in your "make, buy or outsource | insource" strategies.

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Development Resources and Technology Assets

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We bring you years of breakthrough technology and management of large scale projects. Your development cycle can be shortened to a fraction and market leadership rapidly established.

Also view our list of Patents within Imagery, Authentication and Compression that can be licensed for inclusion in your product development.

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Man machine interaction in particular for consumer markert can greatly benefit from solution that allow text input without any device in hand. Hence the keyboard in the air solution that allows texte input especially usefull when navigating in front of Movie networked search engine.

Multi platform

We have competencies in Hadoop, Mongo and Distributed MySQL, in Windows or Unix environments. We deliver this in form Apps but also as SaaS solutions with the full online deployment.

Custom built

In Software development scenarios, we deliver executables and sources in C, C++, Assembly Language, as well as higher-level software's such as JavaScript, Typescript, Java running in Unix or Windows as well as in Android or iOS apps.

In Hardware development scenarios, we deliver PCB plotting tape, VHDL, XiLinx or Altera for production level implementations.

Advanced algorithms

Our teams work with state of the art technologies within AI, Classification, Image Processing and Image Recognition that enable applications in multiple product and service areas.

We hold multiple patents for Algorithms in these fields. This is essential as building products on "me too" technology rarely takes product development to new heights and a competitive edge.

We truly conceive original algorithms that helps build with the efficiency of "Iron reinforced Concrete" not just "Stone walls".


Agile or Waterfall. We recommend Waterfall development since Agile, in our view, always implies that customers have to take responsibility for their requirement and this too frequently results in going over budget and under delivering.

We are not a "Software for Hire" company but a partner and solution provider. We totally involve ourselves in your success.

Massive Data Processing

Image processing for print & graphic arts ranks amongst the most demanding technological challenges due to the massive amounts of data that need to be processed. This requires handling of very high resolution images (100K x 100K pixels -  CMYK or Hexachrome, combining Vector + Raster data etc.).

Our ability to provide advanced solutions in these specific areas has grown our core competencies and we have developed our expertise to operate generically with fast computation on massive amounts of data.

We Are Dead Serious

About  Core Technology Foundations

Robust Code

We deliver products and integrations using state of the art coding and industry best practices.

Integration with legacy

We have broad experience integrating with internal teams and adding value to the entire Research and Development process.

International reach

Our teams are well versed working within international markets and across multiple timezones.

Recent projects

Case 1:
Hi speed processing

We developed Products & Services for High-speed Page processing, Internet online collaboration and document sharing for Page and Pre-press ripping to final Print processing.

Case 2: In Partnership with Argo, France

Tech Deep Dive
Uncover wealths of viewing insights
about your documents.

Discover the power of PDF Page by Page Experiences and Live Insights, brought to your desktop.

Adding depths of new experiences
to document sharing
Uncover wealths of viewing insights
Add powerful experiences
to the documents you share
Uncover wealths of viewing insights.
ICEBERG 1 - copy
How to breathe digital life into

200 BN PDF documents are generated every year


... finally put to intelligent use
Breathe digital life
shelved somewhere in the system
that can't be traced as they are read
How to breathe digital life into
We help breathe digital life
into every PDF file or document that leaves your desk

200 BN PDF documents are generated every year


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PDF-Z and how we helped bring Experiences and Insights into the Massive Document "Iceberg"

Our Technology Contribution: The PDF-Z Controller

PDF-Z Advanced Text Controller

Revolutionises online PDF viewing, making it as flexible as a web page.
team deliver a end to end solution to manage PDF-Z, including setup of numerous analytics tracking option.

This unique and patented mix of the Digital world allow true control for "pay per use"
And include setup of Analog world AR experiences with Bear Smartphone Apps for Augmented Reality.

A Highly Effective Technology Approach...

We deliver very creative and innovative technology models, in the best conditions.This gets you started very fast, with patented and state of the art technology foundations for your products and services 

When working on complex projects, as we offer amazing time to market performances.

A rapid way to deliver breakthrough products ...

We deliver very creative and innovative technology models, in the best conditions.This gets you started very fast, with patented and state of the art technology foundations for your products and services 

When working on complex projects, as we offer amazing time to market performances.

About Technology Leadership

Your technology edge defines future ability to compete and position your company vis a vis your competition. Hurricodes accelerates the steps and puts you in front so you can build an asset pool that boosts both your products and your strategic approach to partnerships.

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